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   How We Test Web Hosts.
Our testing is thorough and comprehensive. It's also ongoing.
FindMyHost has two programs for helping consumers searching for a web host: Approved Hosts and Guaranteed Hosts.

  All Web Hosts who apply for our Approved Hosts program are tested by the FindMyHost staff. Our staff signs up a real web hosting account and puts the Web Host through their paces. If they claim to have 24 hour technical support, we pick up the phone and call them at 3am in the morning. If their servers go down for any length of time during our testing, we know about it.
• Network Speed
• Network Connectivity
• Network Reliability
• Customer Feedback
• Customer Support
• Quality of Online Assistance Resources

All hosts must pass:
• Account Set Up Time Under 24 Hours
• Offers multiple connections to the internet
• Offers 24/7 support
• The company cannot be listed in any Anti-Spam Organization Database
• No more than 1% downtime recorded during testing period.
• Set-Up Email is clear, concise and informative
• Control Panel is easily accessible, up to date and of high standards
• Min. 1 year in business
• Is a direct Web Hosting company and not a web designer
• Report Card was submitted accurately
• File Transfers were performed at good speeds
• Accepts multiple credit cards.
• Uses secure server for payment (no third party cc facility)
• Quality of online assistance resources
• Offers a published FAQ, help and refund policy
• Clearly states how to contact provider (address, phone, fax and
• Response for assistance was in good time
• Traceroutes, Pings, NSLookups and WHOIS all meet our standards

Once a host passes our testing criteria, they are awarded the Approved Hosts award. They are then given a Report Card in our Approved Hosts database. To apply for the program, Click Here.

The Approved Hosts program was designed to protect consumers while searching for a Web host. Approved Hosts are screened and tested to ensure that consumers choose a reputable and reliable host while search the FindMyHost resources.
The Guaranteed Hosts program was designed to protect consumers after they choose a Web host. Should you purchase hosting from a Web hosting company with the 'Guaranteed' status and run in to problems, we will be there to help.

Our Guarantee to You.


1. We will not accept advertising in our marketplaces or on any of our network sites from a Web Host who has not passed our rigorous testing program - the Approved Host program.

2. Web Hosts found to violate the Approved Host bylaws will be removed from the site.

3. Guaranteed Hosting complaints are forwarded to inside representatives at the web host in question. Should you ever need help in resolving an issue, simply fill out our easy to use form. Once verified, your request is sent directly to our inside contact.

Our goal is to inform and protect consumers searching and buying hosting.


Where can I find a Guaranteed Web Host on FindMyHost.com?
Guaranteed Hosts are easy to find. Any banners or text links you see on FindMyHost.com are from Guaranteed Web Hosts. Essentially anywhere you look on FindMyHost.com you will see a Guaranteed Web Host. We only allow Web Hosts who have passed our rigorous testing program advertise on FindMyHost.com. If you still need assurance, try the following Web Hosting Guides:
Guaranteed Host Spotlight

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